Personalised Medals

A medal is simply a small portable thin disc that is attached to a lanyard and is intended to be worn and suspended on one’s chest. Made of metal, it is incorporated with a logo and other design elements, and always carries a purpose, usually given as awards. Here in Ties N’ Cuffs, we help you create the best personalised medal for your special events and gatherings.

If you need a simple medallion that is quick to produce, then our personalised medal service is the one for you. Simply let us know what message or text you want engraved in your medal, as well as your logo and we’ll work on it immediately. You can even choose what font to use for the text, and you get to see the artwork with the freedom to change anything you want, before proceeding to production.

Our wreath medals are made from brass and rhodium plated to ensure the highest quality and durability. The front side of the medal has a raised and recessed wreath. You can choose whether to have a Polished Silver, Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold, or Rose Gold medal.

Medals nowadays serve multiple purposes. They were first used in the military to award officials for attaining a certain level of achievement and for showing acts of bravery and heroism. Award medals are used in sports and in business. Many players and sports enthusiasts compete with each other so they can win a precious medal. Companies also use medals to show appreciation and recognition to employees who have shown hardwork and loyalty. Lastly, many different organizations and charity groups use medals to show support or raise a cause.

Whichever purpose your personalised medal will have, we understand the importance in carefully crafting it and producing the best. Our team in Ties N’ Cuffs will make sure to follow your specifications and will not stop until you are fully satisfied with your precious item. Contact us now to get started with your personalised medallion.