Australia Day

Shop our range of products to celebrate Australia Day. Our selection of gifts and personalised accessories will make the 26th of January extra special and will make you proud to be an Aussie! From personalised coins, lapel pins, to creative kangaroo pins and Aussie beanies, we’ve got everything you need to celebrate and enjoy that wonderful holiday.

However you want to celebrate Australia day, whether a trip to the beach with your family or a good ‘ol barbeque session at home, we’ve got the right items to spice up the day and vibe up the whole occasion. Our personalised aprons will help you keep the mood for grilling sessions at the patio with your friends and family. Get your favorite Aussie Day lines printed into these fun aprons. They will be the perfect get-up for whoever is the designated chef of the day.

If you want a little keepsake for your friends and family, why not opt for a special personalised printed one-off coin to share and support each other’s patriotism? Our personalised lapel pins are a no-fail gift items as well for this special holiday. Gifting them to your loved ones who are very devoted to this day will surely put a smile on their faces.

For your family members who are living in other countries, our personalised Australian printed keyring will help them remember the special day and keep traditions alive wherever they may be. It doesn’t matter what time or season it is on their part of the world, as long as they get a taste of home in their own way – through your special Australian gift!

Keep traditions alive and shop our collection of fun items for Australia Day here in Ties N’ Cuffs. We make sure you get the best out of this holiday through these special products.