Ties n Cuff Collections

Spring Carnival 

Ties n Cuffs offers some the best and unique collections of ties and cufflinks in Australia, this is in addition to custom made socks, scarves, belts, shirts, lapel pins and badges. The Ties n Cuffs Spring Carnival collection offers an array of stylistic pocket squares and bow ties that come in man trims; patterns and materials. The top quality pocket squares and ties come in a range of colours, including teal, blue, orange, yellow and purple. Some of the top Spring Carnival products on offer include; Aquamarine Racing Bow Tie, Cherry Check Bow Tie, Lemon Yellow Pocket Square and the Violet Racing Pocket Square. The new Aquamarine Racing bow ties; come in a range of colour combinations that include aquamarine and bright blue. The racing prints and colours in the tie are designed to make this bow tie ideal for all kinds of occasions. This bow tie is made out of a polyester material that measures 10.5 x 7 cm at its widest point. 

The Cherry checked bow tie for the new Spring Carnival features a sublime diamond strip written across a bright cherry colour way. This bow tie is guaranteed to add some extra colours and dimension to your outfit. The tie is made out of a high quality polyester material that measures 10.5 x 7 cm. Both the Aquamarine Racing Bow Toe and the Cherry Check bow tie retail at a discount price of $15.00. The new Lemon Yellow Patterned pocket square is also bound to add some splash to the colour of your outfit. The square combines horsehead prints in a style that is guaranteed to turn heads. The Violet Racing pocket square for the Carnival collection features just the right level of colour intensity. Both the new Lemon Yellow patterned pocket square and the Violet Racing pocket square are made out of polyester material that measures 21 x 21 cm from tip to tip. The retail price for these outstanding Spring Carnival collections is $19 AUD.