3 Simple Ways to Wear A Custom Scarf

A custom scarf is actually a great corporate accessory nowadays. Many companies have incorporated custom scarves into their everyday corporate uniforms, showcasing their brand logo. A scarf can easily make your look more polished and professional. There are so many ways on how to tie a scarf, but here we are sharing 3 easy ways on how to wear one for work.



Obviously, scarves are used to accessorize your neck and to keep it warm. A classic way to wear one is to tie a ribbon around your neck. Fold the scarf until it becomes a long strip with pointed edges, and tie it around your neck. Create a ribbon in front or twist it to the side, whichever you prefer. A colorful custom scarf can instantly brighten your look and can add an interesting accent to your plain uniform.



If you don’t like the ribbon design, you may choose to tie the scarf slightly lower than your neck. Just tie it once or twice, leaving 2 long strips hanging. This creates a much more formal look.



One stylish way to use a custom scarf is to use it as an accessory to your work bags. Start off by knotting the scarf to one side of the bag’s handle. Then, simply wrap the scarf around the handle until you reach the other end. Create another knot at the end or clip it in place to secure the scarf. And voila! Your bag is instantly elevated and fashionably accessorized. This trick can help you match your bag and uniform if you used the same colored custom scarf as your uniform.


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