5 Types of Custom Made Medals

A custom made medal is a small portable thin disc, made of metal, incorporated with logos and symbols and other design elements. It is usually attached to a lanyard and is intended to be worn and suspended on one’s chest to be showcased. A customized medal always has a purpose, usually given as awards. It is still very popular and is widely used up to this day, as many organizations, teams, and other groups use medals to commemorate special events.

Here are the different types of medals used for different purposes:

Military Medals

Military Medals serve both as awards and decoration. Officials who have greatly shown acts of bravery, heroism, and who have attained a certain level of achievement are awarded customized medals. Military decoration medals are used to distinguish military officials from different groups or levels, and are used to complete their uniforms.

Award Medals

This type of medal is typically the most common one and is basically the main purpose of medals in general. Award medals are used in different organizations and even companies, where there is a need to congratulate someone who has reached a certain achievement, goal, or years of service.


Running Medals


Running medals are awarded to athletes, runners, or participants who have finished the line in marathons and running competitions. Triathlon medals, 5k medals, or 10k medals are some of the examples. They are a precious reward from all the sweat and hard work participants go through in competitions.


Sports Medals

Medals are mainly used in the sports industry. They are typically the main rewards for anyone winning a certain sport, be it soccer, weightlifting, swimming, wrestling, and so on. Winning a precious medal is the reason why athletes and sports enthusiasts do their best.


Survivor Medals

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These special medals are given to proud survivors who had overcome battles like illnesses or abuse. They are used to symbolize their courage, strength, and sacrifice.


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