What Are French Cuff Shirts?

French Cuff Shirts 


Cuff shirts have come a long way over the years.  There was a time when a man would not be seen wearing French cuff shirts unless they were wearing complete formal attire. But as we all know fashion changes over the years and this has affected French cuff shirts also. Today these kinds of shirts are not only seen without a tie but also without a jacket. It may not be as simple to wear cuff shirts as it is to wear button cuffs but the style that a man will generate wearing French cuff shirts will make it all worthwhile. Wearing cuff shirts will also give you the opportunity to wear cufflinks and even add more to the style. All of this will put together a look that is becoming very popular.



The Best Way To Wear French Cuff Shirts


Most men are not used to wearing French cuff shirts and they are not sure of the best way to wear them. When a man puts on a French cuff shirt for the first time they may think that the shirt is too big. The truth is that these shirts are meant to be long. The sleeve have four tiny slits in them. They are like button holes, only smaller. What you do is fold the shirt cuff back so that four holes become two. This will make the cuffs even and at the perfect length. You need to have something that will hold all of the holes together. This is where cufflinks come into play. When putting cufflinks on the inside of the cuff should be pushed together, not on top of each other, then you push the cufflinks through. This can be frustrating for some men because it can be hard to push these little stems into tiny holes but the more you practice the better you will get at it. There are some guys that will put the cufflinks in first and then put the shirt on. Whatever is easier for you?


Deciding On The Right Cufflinks For You


In the Australia there are a lot of different cufflinks that a man can choose from. The most popular one in Australia is the one that has a stud on one side. These come in a wide variety of choices. There is the simple sterling silver square, some tiny sculpture, or a symbol of some group like the Freemasons or the military. On the opposite side of the cufflinks is a small post that is called a toggle. It is pushed straight through the cuff holes and then it is rotated. Now the cuffs will stay where they are supposed to be. Over in Europe the double cufflinks are more popular. These can be a lot more difficult to put on then the toggle style but they do look nice. Whichever cufflinks you choose to wear there is one important thing that you need to make sure, Matching. If you are wearing metal cufflinks then they should match your belt. If not then you can choose to match them to the shirt and the tie.


Purchasing A French Cuff Shirt


When you go out to buy a new French cuff shirt you should always take your favorite cufflinks with you. This way you’ll be able to match the shirts with the cufflinks and also make sure they function well together. You will be able to find a variety of colors and styles in these shirts as you would any other shirt you are shopping for. This kind of shirt can also be worn anywhere that you would wear any other long button down shirt. Some people may feel that it is a little to formal to wear such a shirt but it is really not. It is a great way to make a fashion statement. These shirts are usually found in the more fancy stores; The mid to high end stores. They may not be found as easy in the Australia as you would in Europe but if you look around you will find them. Lastly, always try a French cuff shirt on before purchasing it. Photo Source (1)