4 Rules To Remember When Mixing Tie & Shirt Patterns

Personalised Ties It is not very hard to match solid ties and solid shirts together. You probably have this down to a perfect technique. But today we have stripes and patterns. Today we have different textures. How are you with these?  It is not really as hard as you might think it is. Follow these few simple rules we are going to give you and you will have no problem at all. Rule Number 1 - Repeat Colors In Each PatternCustom Made Ties Always choose your shirt first; When you're picking it out look for the dominant colors in it. Are there more blue then white for example? When you choose a tie to go with it you can buy a tie that is the same dominant color.  For example if the shirt you are wearing that has a dominant color of blue. You could wear a white tie that had bold blue stripes or blue pattern on it. Using this rule will guarantee that your ties match your shirts no matter what kind of pattern or stripes on them. Rule Number 2 - Checkered Ties and Shirts online ties Have you ever seen someone try to pull off wearing a checked shirt with a checked tie? Did you think to yourself that looks horrible? You were right. This is something you have to be careful with. The only way that this can work and is the perfect rule is to always wear a small checked shirt with a larger checked tie. This will make you look cool and stylish. Remember to make sure your pants are following the same color pattern. Rule Number 3 -Vary Weights Between Patterns Buy Ties Online Never wear a shirt and a tie that has the same size patterns. This will only succeed in ruining the whole look. To avoid this always make sure that one of the pieces has chunkier patterns then the other one. For example if you are wearing a shirt that has real thin stripes, then your tie should have wider stripes. This combination will work great without the stripes being over done. Rule Number 4 - Match Smaller Patterns With Larger OnesSkinny Ties You will be amazed at the stylish and cool combination that you can come with. You can do this even if the tie and the shirt have totally different patterns just by following this rule. If your tie has a small pattern then make sure your shirt has a larger pattern or the other way around. It is not even necessary that they be the same colors if the shirt is in a neutral color. Though when the shirt is colored it can be a little harder to match it up but you can do it. Mix It Up Now you know all of the rules of mixing up stripes and patterns. If you follow these rules you will never have to stop and wonder if you are going to make a fashions statement or look like a person that has no sense of style. Photo Sources (1) (2) (3)