A Mans Wardrobe Essentials

Color Tie

Choosing an Essential Man's Wardrobe

Are you ready to clean out your wardrobe and start over? Do you want to know what the essential pieces that every man must have in their wardrobe? In this article we will tell you what pieces should always be included in your wardrobe. If your closets include these essentials you will be ready for any occasion no matter what it is.

The Essentials

  • The first thing that you need in your closet is a classic suit. This should be a suit in a basic color. It could be in navy, gray or black. Make sure that this suit fits you well. A classic suit can be worn for weddings funerals or even to the office.
  • A white dress shirt. This is an essential item because it can be worn with anything.
  • A solid color tie. This means a tie with one color with no patterns. This will go with suits or even just a dress shirt. You can of course have a few ties on hand that have patterns.
  • Every wardrobe needs to have at least one sports coat or a blazer. If you stick with a classic color like navy then you can wear it to the office or to dress up.
  • Black dress pants. This can be worn with a suit jacket or with a dress shirt and will go with any color of shirt.
  • Khaki pants are also an essential item. These work for casual, dress up or to just work in.
  • Jeans. What wardrobe would be complete without a couple pair of good jeans?
  • Polo shirts or other casual shirts are essential item of clothing to own.
  • Classic style sweaters. These can be worn as a casual look or for dress up.
  • Tee shirts and shorts for those lazy days.
  • Of course boxers (or briefs), socks undershirts.
  • Black and brown belts. Dress shoes like lace up shoes and a pair of loafers that will complete an outfit.

Shopping for the Essentials

As you go down the previous list you may find that you already have a lot of these items in your wardrobe. You may find there are things that you need to buy to complete the wardrobe with essential items. Either way you are probably wondering where the best place to go to buy these items.  There are many different department stores that carry all of these items at a great price. There are stores like JC Penney and Men's Warehouse that will have all of these items. Check around the city that you live in and you will find many of these stores to choose from.

Wardrobe Tips

The best tip that we can give you is make sure you have the basic essential items in your wardrobe and you cannot go wrong. When you have these essential items you will always be ready for every occasion. With proper care you can avoid having to buy new clothes every time you turn around. Photo Source: (1)