How To Find The Perfect Man's Tie

ties The perfect tie can make the whole out suit. It can be that needed extra to set the whole suit off as elegant. There are so many different ties out on the market today. These ties come in all different kinds of materials. They come in more colors and patterns that we can begin to tell you about. There is no doubt that it can be confusing for any man to know what tie that he should wear. Most men, instead of trying to figure this out will tend to stick to basic styles. Solid colors; Striped ties and that are all they wear. These ties are perfectly fine. They are conservative and will work. But if you would like to find out how to add some variety into your tie selection then this article is for you.

The Solid Tie

Personalised Ties The solid tie is the most basic tie there is. As we said a lot of men tend to gravitate to the solid tie. It is easy to match up a solid tie with any suit. The problem that arises with this is men try to wear the same color of tie as their suit and this is a big mistake not to mention boring. For example if you are wearing a black suit then you do not want to wear a solid black tie. Wear a tie a little darker in color then the shirt you are wearing. Do not be afraid to mix it up some..

The Striped Tie

 The other basic tie is the striped tie. This one can also be simple to match with your suit. But men also make major mistakes wearing the stripe tie. If your shirt has wide stripes then your tie needs to have skinny stripes or vice versa. If the shirt that you are wearing has big checks then your tie should have skinny stripes. Stick to these tips and your striped ties will do you just fine.

The Plaid Tie

The plaid tie is not one that is common. But if you can find one it is a great way to put a spark onto a dull suit. Remember though if you are wearing a plaid tie wear a solid colored shirt.

Dots, Paisley, and Figure Ties

Tie Dots, Paisley and figure ties have became more and more popular over the years. Figure ties are ties that have emblems all over them like the university name or a military emblem. These are great ties. The thing to be careful with on these ties is first make sure that you match the colors with your shirt. This means if the tie is gray with black emblems on it then you need to wear a gray or a black shirt. Also if you are wearing a patterned shirt make sure that they are either a lot larger or smaller then the dots, paisley or figures on your tie.

Men's Tie Construction

When you go out to buy ties look for good material and Be willing to pay a little extra for a higher quality tie. Silk is considered the best material for ties. It is durable and will hold up longer then other ties. Cheap ties will be noticed in a negative way. They do not lie as well; they do not have that extra shine to them. It is true with ties that you get what you pay for. Wearing the perfect tie is not as hard as men think it is. It is about buying the right quality of tie and coordinating colors and patterns. Photo Sources: (1)