Cufflinks a 'stylish' Christmas gift

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for a man with style, cufflinks could be a great option.

Work-appropriate accessories - including laptop bags, briefcase carriers, executive ties, cufflinks and belts - can help guys at all stages of their careers stand out on the job.

Designer Phillipe Dubuc, who is based in Montreal, Canada and specialises in menswear, told QMI Agency that "quality pieces with creative styling" can make the right impression.

When choosing a gift such as tie bars or cufflinks, it might be wise to select something that reflects the recipient's personality - for example, if the man in your life is a sports fan, custom cufflinks that feature the logo of his favourite AFL team might be a great option.

Alternatively, if the man in question works in a more formal or corporate environment, traditional metal cufflinks might be a smart holiday choice.

If you are planning to order your holiday gifts online this year, now is the time to act - new research suggests that this coming Sunday (December 11) will be Australia's peak online shopping day.

The figures, which have been compiled by PayPal, eBay and Australia Post indicate that an increasing number of shoppers are turning to the web for their Christmas shopping thanks to the choice and flexibility afforded by online retail.