Stylish ties are a 'go-to' Christmas gift

Stylish ties and classic cufflinks are the perfect holiday gift for anyone looking to reward hard-working colleagues over the holiday season, according to one American expert.

Speaking to Exec Digital's Meaghan Clark, Men's Wearhouse executive vice-president of merchandising Scott Norris remarked that "classic options" such as ties, as well as accessories like cufflinks and tie bars, can be a timeless Christmas option.

The key to choosing the right corporate gift, he explained, is to consider the style and atmosphere of the office, as well as the company dress code.

Norris also explained that there are plenty of gift options to consider for individuals who don't regularly wear a traditional shirt and tie to work, adding that "one-size-fits-all" accessories can also be a wise solution.

Of course, to add a bit more personality to a classic gift, you can always choose a unique tie designed to reflect the recipient's hobbies, interest or even their place of work.

For example, employers might want to show their year-end gratitude with custom cufflinks featuring the company colours or logo.

Alternatively, ties in corporate colours or cufflinks that represent a favourite animal, shape or hobby can be a great way to honour an employee, client or even a business-minded friend or family member.