Tying a tie? New options for 2012

A new year is a great opportunity to try out a new look - but if the chequebook doesn't allow you to splurge on a brand new wardrobe after the holiday season, why not settle for tying your tie in a new way?

Work ties can be knotted in many ways - according to scientists from Cambridge University, there are 85 different tie knot options to consider.

The classic Windsor knot is the perfect executive tie look for anyone who means business. This formal option is ideal for wide-collared shirts and is a great way to add a bit of 'status' to your working wardrobe.

An alternative - especially if you favour modern, slim-fitting shirts - is the four-in-hand knot. This is a great complement to an everyday business shirt and is an option that works well with neckties that are wide and made from heavy fabrics.

You can also opt for a new tie look altogether to ring in 2012 - why not get adventurous with the latest skinny styles or try a bow tie on for size as a nod to the classic Mad Men look of the 1960s?