Promote your brand via personalised gifts for staff

The start of the year represents a great time for business owners and managers to think outside the box and possibly implement some innovative new ideas or ways of doing things within the company.

For niche enterprises it might prove valuable to have staff wearing an item that represents the business in public such as a tie or set of engraved cufflinks.

Sophisticated silver or gold cuffs look highly professional and with a brand name or logo stylishly emblazoned on your employees' suit jacket sleeves it makes a fantastic impression on your target audience.

This could be an especially useful marketing strategy to promote your brand at seminars, functions and meetings with prospective clients.

Your staff will also appreciate the gesture, meaning your corporate gifts serve the dual purpose of building the employee-management relationship and creating positive public relations at the same time.

Another consideration could be to supply your workers with personalised belt buckles or money clips.

If you are feeling particularly generous - and you only run a small team of dedicated staff - it might even be a good idea to offer each person a corporate package of matching gifts.