Promote your business to a wider audience with branded gifts

Managers who frequently liaise with clients and industry contacts have the chance to spread the good word about their products or services.

But in many cases enterprises are not cashing in on these opportunities as often or as well as they could be.

When meeting with people from outside the company who you are on the verge of forming a business relationship with, why not make a positive impression with branded gifts that they can take with them?

Lapel pins, tie bars, pewter mugs and pens are all great examples of items you can engrave your corporate name or logo into and use as a way to stand out to your new contacts, as well as advertise your brand indirectly.

Promotional merchandise such as this might end appearing on the desk of someone with an interest in what you do, potentially leading to an important and lucrative contract down the track that will more than cover the relatively small expense of producing the gifts.

This could be the biggest year yet for your growing company, so be proactive and let the world know who you are and what you are achieving.