Embracing Australia Day with themed lapel pins and cufflinks

Australia Day is almost upon us and while most business will shut their doors for the public holiday this Thursday January 26, in some industries the networking never stops.

But it is our national day after all, so even if you won't have the chance to barbecue with friends and family while keeping one eye on the cricket, it is still nice to display your patriotism and embrace the enthusiastic atmosphere that builds around the country.

Why not add Australian and indigenous lapel pins to your tie or suit jacket to show that even in a corporate setting there's no harm getting involved in the celebrations?

If you are set to conduct business with international clients then this could represent a great opportunity to make an impression in a unique way - by presenting your guests with Australia Day themed business gifts such as Southern Cross cufflinks or a designer tie in an Aussie beach flag print.

This kind of thoughtful touch could be just what it takes to put a smile on the face of a prospective corporate contact and potentially seal an important deal.

Rapport can count for plenty and a bit of Aussie generosity might go a long way.