Unique ties for all occasions

If you're from the school of thought that a tie is only for business meetings, weddings and funerals, then it might be time to consider a change of thinking.

Fashionable contemporary men wear unique ties to all sorts of events - from a date at a nice restaurant or the theatre to a Friday night out at a trendy bar.

The key is to know what style piece to choose for particular moments.

While serious or sombre occasions might call for a simple black or navy tie, you can take a bolder and more colourful approach to a birthday cocktail party or opening night of an art exhibition.

A tailored tie says that you are a man of confidence, sophistication and sartorial awareness, but it certainly doesn't have to mean that you work in the corporate world.

Creative types, self-employed, university students, retirees and individuals from numerous other demographics might choose to complete an outfit with an appropriate tie or bowtie.

Once you have established a decent collection at home, you will be able to mix and match your selections based on the dress code of an upcoming event.