Tony Abbott sticks with the business tie he knows in GQ shoot

Tony Abbott appears in the February edition of GQ magazine released today (January 30), with the opposition leader showing off a sense of sartorial style far removed from his renowned penchant for 'budgie smugglers' that periodically grabs the attention of the nation.

Wearing a tailored black suit, crisp white shirt and pale blue tie for the entire photo shoot, Mr Abbott looks comfortable with his appearance - perhaps because all the clothes are in fact his own.

While GQ Australia editor Nick Smith told The Australian last Thursday (January 26) that the magazine wanted to dress Australia's potential next prime minister in something Barack Obama or Robert De Niro might wear, Mr Abbott was "pretty adamant" about staying true to his own sense of fashion, according to Smith.

"I like this suit" and "I like this tie" were Mr Abbott's polite refusals to the offer of changing into something chosen by Smith and his team.

And one certainly can't blame the 44-year-old for knowing what he wants, nor for his choice of understated yet elegant outfit.

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