Attracting clients with promotional merchandise

If 2012 is going to be the year your small business takes the next step and picks up the extra clients you need to turn hard work into tangible success, it be worth looking at your marketing operations as a crucial area of development.

It is understandable that in the early days of converting your clever idea into a money-generating opportunity, your main focus was to gather the stock, materials or equipment required to get things started.

But now it is time to invest some more attention and money into spreading the word about what you do.

If you work for yourself then there might not be enough hours in the week to take on a string of new contracts, so what you are looking to do is impress the right people rather than the most people.

It is amazing what impact some sleek and professional promotional merchandise can do to spark the interest of a prospective client.

Never underestimate the impression you can make by branding the corporate clothes you wear and accessories you carry to and from meetings.

With your business name and logo printed stylishly onto ties, money clips and even the pewter mug you keep on your work desk, you might just pique an important individual's interest or ensure that you stay at the top of their list if your services are required in the future.