The status of high-end menswear is 'on the rise'

With New York Fashion Week wowing audiences this past week (February 9 to 16) - and some magnificently varied styles for both sexes featuring prominently on the catwalk - it is little surprise that one industry commentator has branded menswear the 'next big thing' in high end fashion.

Reuters reports that Bain & Co. research shows the menswear market growing at a rate of around 14 per cent every year, which is almost double the figure for luxury women's wear.

And creative director at retail consultant Donegar Group, David Wolfe, told the news agency that young men are increasingly applying a sartorial eye to their overall image and that an entire generation has grown up to be "style conscious".

"High fashion menswear used to be a bit of a joke, but it's becoming a genuine influence," Wolfe said yesterday (February 14).

"It's beginning to duplicate women's wear."

With more men concentrating on the way they dress it follows that traditionally corporate selections such as executive ties, cufflinks and waistcoats have become more prevalent among everyday individuals.