Wedding thank-yous with custom gifts

When it comes to choosing the perfect thank-you present for your wedding party, coming up with a creative and thoughtful present for your ushers and groomsmen can be a challenge.

While the bride can rely on the safe fallback of jewellery - usually in the form of a keepsake necklace or earrings - the groom faces a more daunting challenge.

Traditional groomsmen gifts include cufflinks or ties - which they can either wear as part of their co-ordinating outfits on the big day or keep for another occasion - but many modern grooms choose to think outside the box and opt for a present that reflects the interests of the friends and family members who share in their special day.

Fortunately, you do not need to choose between creativity and tradition - why not instead customise a gift for the people who have played a major role in your wedding?

For example, you may want to choose custom cufflinks engraved with their initials or your wedding date. Alternatively, you could personalise the cufflinks to each individual usher by opting for a design that reflects their personality - rugby ball shapes could suit sports fans.

Regardless of the gift you choose, remember that presentation is also an important consideration - you may want to give your gifts ahead of the big day so that you can take your time and avoid distractions.