Tailored clothes may be better for health than overly-tight garments

While there is nothing wrong with being proud of your physical appearance  - including the way you dress before stepping outside - experts believe that many individuals pay too little attention to how their clothes affect them on the inside.

The evidence is clear that slim-fitting attire is very much on trend at the moment - especially for professional men when choosing shirts, trousers and vests - but there may be such a thing as taking it too far.

A Wall Street Journal health article this week (February 21) cited a research project conducted by the journal Work last year, which indicated tight shirt collars and neckties can reduce circulation to the brain and potentially lead to headaches, blurred vision or back and shoulder tension.

Repeatedly wearing tight jeans, shoes and even underwear can all result in health issues for some individuals, but for office workers the biggest concern is likely to be their corporate attire.

The message to men appears to be clear - if you favour tighter garments it is probably a good idea to order tailored ties and shirts that fit your specific body shape and will feel comfortable, as well as look great.