A tie for all seasons

Like it or not, there is a definite crispness to the morning air these days - and with autumn just around the corner, it might be time for a wardrobe update.

A change in seasons represents an excellent opportunity to take stock of what is in your closet - and to determine which of your favourite summer pieces can transition with you into the cooler weather.

Aussie weather is nothing if unpredictable - especially in the spring and autumn months. With the chance of bright sunshine, strong wind, heavy rain, cloudy skies or a mix of all these options, you will want to be ready for anything.

This is why layers can be an important part of an autumn wardrobe - sweaters and cardigans can be great for mornings that start off chilly before blossoming into sunny afternoons.

A unique tie is a particularly important wardrobe staple at this time of year, as this accessory can bring your whole outfit together.

Whether you choose a contrasting pop of colour - bright blue looks great with on-trend browns and yellows, for example - or opt to stay conservative with a complementary shade, you'll be ready for autumn with the right accessories.