No time to hit the shops? Buy personalised gifts online

Despite having all year to prepare, there are times when people's birthdays suddenly spring out of nowhere.

Although we would all like to have all the time in the world to select the perfect gift, this is not always possible - which is where online shopping can come in handy.

It is ideal if you are particularly time poor, as you can browse all the best presents without even having to leave your house.

One way to make a friend or family member feel extra special is to buy them a personalised gift, which cannot be bought in any high street store.

Not only will you be able to give a gift like no other, but also save yourself the hassle of heading to the shops and trawling the aisles looking for the perfect present.

Personalised gifts show that you have put some thought into your purchase, as well as avoiding the chance of buying the same present as somebody else.

There is also no shortage of gifts you can buy, meaning you will never run out of ideas the next time a birthday or other occasion appears out of the blue.