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I stare at my watch.




The phone rings. Ok, now I’m officially panicking. I’m never going to get these TPS reports done in time. My computer is playing up, the boss is on my back and the phone just won’t stop ringing. It’s just not humanly possible.


I check my watch again.




Oh come on! There’s no way that was ten minutes! If I don’t get these reports done by the end of today, we may miss out on the big deal that will propel the company into the major leagues. I start typing furiously, sweat dripping from my brow. The phone rings again. I ignore it and keep typing. Come on, come on.


Suddenly – zip - my computer screen goes black…


Oh no!


I clench my fists just as the boss slides up behind me. He notices my blank computer screen and shakes his head. “Slacking off again, I see. You’d better not be thinking about knocking off early. I want to see those TPS reports on my desk in 10 minutes.”

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A wave of rage washes over me as I reach for something to throw at the back of his head. My hand wraps around the All Over Super Hero Skinny tie from tiesncuffs.com.au that I had taken off earlier that day and I think about flicking my boss’ butt with it – when suddenly, my focus changes.


I don’t know what it was, perhaps it was the quality feel of the Australian-made, polyester stitching or the one-of-a-kind limited edition prints of all the great DC comic book heroes – Batman, Superman and The Flash - but holding that tie in my hand, I began to feel powerful and more confident. I began to feel more like a superhero.


I slipped the tie around my neck and restarted my wretched computer.


3.55pm. Focus. There’s still time.


I studied my hands. They felt different, in fact, my whole body felt different. On my wrists, my Silver Batman Cufflinks, also purchased at tiesncuffs.com.au, glinted back at me. They seemed alive.


What was happening?


My computer flashed to life and I put my fingers to the keyboard. I began to type faster than I’ve ever typed before. It was extraordinary. I was typing at supersonic speed.


The phone rang. I answered it and dealt with the call without taking my hand off the keyboard. The phone rang again. Problem solved. And again, and again.


I had unleashed the inner-office Superhero in me and was typing at a pace that would intimidate The Flash, when my x-ray vision suddenly caught movement at the other end of the office.


With a metallic groan, a three-tonne filing cabinet suddenly loosed for the wall and began to collapse. Standing on the cabinet at the time was the office damsel, Deloris, who instantly lost her grip and fell to the ground. She let out a scream as the collapsing cabinet hurtled downwards towards her.


Still typing, I reached for my Gold Batman Insignia Tie Bar and threw it across the office space towards the base of the falling cabinet. The tie bar, which is brass plated in Rhodium, sliced through the air before wedging itself between the floor and the cabinet, stopping the cabinet’s fall.


Another groan and a second cabinet started falling towards Deloris. She raise her arms and screamed again.


This place is an OH&S minefield, I thought to myself.


Within a blink of an eye, I was there, scooping up Deloris in my arms and carrying her to safety - seconds before the cabinet crashed to the floor.


Delores stared up at me with lustful eyes. “My hero,” she sighed.  


“Not now, Delores,” I announced. “I have TPS reports to write!”


In an instant, I am back at my desk furiously typing out the paperwork.


                                                                    *                             *                             *


The boss, put his feet on his desk and checked his watch.




These reports better here in one minute or else he’s fired, he thought to himself.


Thump! Thump!


The office door shuddered twice as if something had hit it. The boss stood up from his desk and moved to the door. He opened it.


There, pinned to the door by a pair of stylish Silver Batman Cufflinks, were the completed TPS reports. He checked his watch again. The second hand ticked over to 4.00pm. The reports were on time.


He glanced around the empty office space and shook his head. “Who are you?” He said aloud.


“I’m Batman,” came an echoed reply.



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