Celebrate the new Pope with a set of saintly cufflinks

st cufflinks from Ties' n CuffsAs the white smoke rises above the towering domes of St Peters Basilica, Pope Francis – formerly known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio – steps out onto the balcony to greet the 150,000 pilgrims below him. It is the first time a Pope from Latin America has stood before the congregation and it is a historic and proud moment for Catholics all around the world.


In celebration and honor of the new Pope’s ascension, Ties ’n Cuffs have arranged a unique line of saintly cufflinks perfect for those Catholic pilgrims who wish to express their joint interest in both religion and fashion. 


Let your Patron Saint watch over you by putting the face of St Christopher or St Matthew on a finely-crafted pair of cufflinks. For former Cardinal Bergoglio, the humble face of Saint Francis of Assisi, would be the ideal choice for his cufflinks. While, the holy faces of Saint Mary Mackillop or Saint Charbel would offer the most significance and meaning to many of us pilgrims in Australia. 


Certainly the joyous event of Pope Francis’ rise to the Papacy is a great reason to wear a pair of saintly cufflinks, but it is not the only reason. They also make the perfect gift for any young man undergoing any Catholic Rite of Passage, such as their First Holy Communion or Confirmation. And even in marriage, what better way to show your devotion to your Church than with a pair of elegant cufflinks symbolising your Patron Saint?


With over 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, it’d be wise to keep this quiet. Should just the College of Cardinals get wind that their Patron Saint could be iconically displayed on their sleeves, there is likely to be a rush! Indeed, someone should inform the Vatican’s official tailor that creating such a special symbol of faith is both quick and easy and would make a great addition to Pope Francis’ wardrobe. Simply upload the image of the Saint you would like on the cufflinks and in just two working days, the set of holy cufflinks will be delivered to your door.