What Your Tie Says About Your Personality


The tie you wear says a lot about you. A tie covered in your favorite teams logo shows your dedication to both the team and the sport. A tie covered in the latest comic book hero shows your passion to arts and pop culture. Stripes tend to be linked to someone with conservative leanings, while paisley and polka dots are considered to be more suited to a man who enjoys standing out. Learn more about what people think about you just from the color of the tie you wear and how well you tie it.

Meanings Behind Color

The primary colors all evoke strong feelings:

  • Blue promotes the idea that you are confident and can get things done.
  • Red denotes power and that you're the man in charge.
  • Yellow is a happy color, but if you go for shades that lean more towards gold, there's the aura of wealth and wisdom.

Going outside of the three primary colors:

  • Black represents formality and elegance.
  • Brown is the choice of men who are comfortable with themselves.
  • Green evokes images of peace and that you are a man who is calm and collected.
  • Orange is a whimsical, strong color that creates the senses that you are artistic and fun to be around.
  • Pink makes people feel that you are friendly and easy to approach.

Importance of a Perfect Knot

Simply put, if you stick to clip-on ties, you look lazy. Take the time to learn how to tie a tie. This shows that you care enough about your appearance to put in the extra effort. There are a number of knots you can use.

The Four-in-Hand is used when you want to get ready in a hurry. It shows that understand the need for a little more formality, but that you're not going to waste time getting the job done.

The Pratt and Shelby are not large knots, and they are not used by many. Learn how to tie your tie with these knots and show off your willingness to stand out from the crowd.

The Windsor or Half-Windsor are harder knots to learn, but the definitely give the impression that you dress for success. If you're looking to stand out during a business meeting, these are the knots to use.

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