Custom Belt Buckles: Classic VS Modern Designs

Belt buckles are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Not all of them will fit on a belt. As a result, custom belt buckles are recommended before purchasing a belt buckle, so choose one that complements your belt well. Of course, not all belt buckles are compatible with all belts. When choosing custom belt buckles, keep in mind that it should match the majority of the belts. Detachable custom belt buckles are ideal in this situation. It is extremely easy to determine which belt buckle will be compatible or fit your belt after you have chosen the belt of your choice based on the situations.





The Classic Buckle feels heavier and effectively counterbalances the weight of a leather belt. The Modern Buckle is significantly lighter, and occasionally gets the impression that there isn't a buckle which is a good thing for others, depending on your taste.



When talking about custom belt buckles, the design is your option. That includes the size, shape, and color. The classic buckle has more of that “Classic” look. Simple, one or two shades of colors, simple mirror designs and often just a simple buckle. The Modern buckle is more diverse. There are varieties to choose from. You can even choose your favorite cartoon character and have it made as your custom belt buckles. Overall, the design for both classic and modern differ on the taste and evolving fashion sense.



When it comes to making your whole look professional, the classic buckle is marginally ahead. It is simple and chic especially in black or saddle leather belts. It shows a more professional and serious type of personality. The modern buckle gives the belt a more jewelry-like appearance. Custom belt buckles can provide the two-presentation style, it all depends on your styling choices.



Custom belt buckles prices will depend on the size, shape, and design. Classic designs may be cheaper as it is not extravagant in colors, shape is not complicated and design in simple and straightforward. Modern designs are more complicated which may result to a higher price but the style you want can all be incorporated. Custom buckles are rarely expensive in general, but it also would depend on the material you want to use.



The majority of belt collectors can fit a single buckle into their belt. They'll dress up their belts with an eye-catching buckle to make them stand out.


It's difficult to find the perfect belt buckle that fits. You'll spend hours or days scouring the internet and searching through every nook and cranny. However, once you've found a belt that looks well on you and fits well, you may choose a belt buckle that makes a bold fashion statement.


Not all belt buckles will fit inside your belt, as we previously said. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the compatibility of your belt buckles with the belt materials. Belt buckles come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any occasion. As a result, the buckle you use will be determined by the sort of belt you use.



Plate buckles are often elaborate and eye-catching. Any belt with a plate-style belt buckle has snaps and is detachable.



This is the most well-known belt buckle style. Frame-style buckles are found on the majority of formal belts. The belt's strap will go through the frame of your clasp here. The prong is then inserted into one of the strap holes to secure your belt.



The dress belt buckle has a particular pattern that is only used on dresses. It's circular, smaller, and flattering, unlike formal or casual belts. If you're wearing a dress belt, ensure sure the buckle is the proper fit. The majority of dress buckles are gleaming, elegant, and gold or silver in hue. On leather belts, their designs are quite showy.



If you add a plate-style buckle to a cowboy belt, it will look fantastic. Snaps allow you to remove this buckle. The plat is frequently decorative and appealing, and it makes a great fashion statement. On a cowboy belt, an amazing description of a plate belt buckle is preferable.



At least two rings form in the D-Ring and O-Ring belt buckles. This style of belt buckle is made in the shape of a D or an O, and it allows the straps to pass between the rings. To ensure that the buckle fits properly, the belt strap is tightened using the rings. The belt might be canvas, casual, or braided, and it should be composed of light materials.



The box frame buckles, unlike other belt buckles, do not require holes or prongs on the belt strap. The belt is held securely in place in the box by a metal clasp and post. The box buckle is hollow, open-ended, and metallic. While the buckle on the belt strap is open, it will pass through the box frame. This type of belt buckle is ideal for leather belts for men.



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