Custom PVC Lapel Pins: Get This Unique Lapel Pin Style!

Are you looking for a unique item that can represent your brand or unique personality? Then, custom PVC lapel pins might just be the one for you.


In this article, we'll dig deeper into what custom PVC lapel pins are, their benefits, whether they're perfect for you, and where you should get them today.


What are custom PVC Lapel Pins?

Custom PVC Lapel Pins or PVC pins are small, custom-made pieces of wearable art that can be attached to a lapel or hat.


Their size is usually between 0.75 and one inch in diameter. They come with different shapes such as round, square, oval, triangular, hexagonal and petal pin designs among others.


Custom PVC  Lapel Pins are also available in different colours depending on the PVC material that you choose.

When do you use Custom PVC Lapel Pins?

There are many events you can use Custom PVC Lapel pins. Here are some of them.


Fundraising events

Custom PVC Lapel pins are perfect for any event that needs to raise funds. This is because they are a valuable and unique way of showing support. They are great for raising awareness at the same time as helping your cause meet its goal.


Wear them proudly for celebrations!

Custom PVC Lapel Pins can also be used to celebrate events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays. Customize them to meet the theme of the occasion.


Help Define your Identity and Cause

Custom lapel pins are not just for events. They can also be used to help define who you are and what your values are. They're also great for promoting your cause. For example, custom lapel pins can be customized for HIV awareness events, anti-cancer events, campaigns, and so much more. It's the ultimate way to identify your cause and connect with others.


Custom PVC Lapel Pins can be used for so many things! They can help you highlight your values, and make you stand out in any gathering or event.

Why Get Custom PVC Lapel Pins?

Custom PVC lapel pins offer a number of benefits to those who wear them: they can be used as giveaways or as rewards, promote your own brand and products, increase visibility for events and conferences. Let's list and explore the different benefits of getting custom PVC Lapel pins below.


Production speed is faster for PVC pins.

Opening the mould during the production process isn't required for these custom lapel pins.  No need for screws or bolts to keep custom PVC lapel pins attached. PVC pins can be directly coloured or engraved on the PVC. That makes the process of making them faster than metal lapel pins.


PVC pins are more affordable.

PVC pins are more affordable than metal lapel pins and other custom badges. The material cost is cheaper and the production process is simpler. Hence, they're perfect for people looking for an affordable way to promote their brand or advocacy.


PVC Lapel Pins can be easily customized.

Customizing your own PVC Lapels is a lot easier as well because the production process for them doesn't require any moulds or special tools. All you need to do is decide the design and size of your custom lapel pins to your provider, and it's done.


Custom PVC lapel pins are durable.

Custom PVC Lapels Pins are more durable than standard metal lapel pins because they're not prone to corrosion or rusting. This is a great option if you want an affordable style that will last for many years. PVC pins are also waterproof.


PVC pins are eye-catching.

PVC pins have bright and fun colours. These characteristics make them attractive, unique and easy to spot during gatherings and events. Their three-dimensional renderings make sure your logo or design are highlighted. Hence, they're perfect when showcasing your brand or promoting your events.


Custom lapel pins are great promotional items.

Customers can wear your brand on their clothes all day long. Custom PVC Lapels Pins are a great way to run an advertisement campaign, promote events or show off exclusive merchandise.


PVC pins can help create a memorable experience.

Give them away to attendees at your events. Doing so will make sure all attendees have mementos to remember your events by.


Custom PVC lapel pins are perfect for trade shows.

Trade shows are a good place to promote your brand, company, and event. Custom PVC Lapel Pins will make people excited for the event while they wait in anticipation of seeing your booth.


PVC Pins are great giveaways.

Order PVC pins in the quantity that you want and then hand it out at your events. You can also give them to loyal customers, employees and first-time buyers. They're a great way to connect with employees and customers in a personal level.


How to wear your Custom PVC Lapel Pins

A lapel pin is an easy way to add flair and personality to your outfit.  Whether you're wearing it with a blazer or turtleneck, they will make your outfit stand out from the rest!


Custom PVC Lapel pins can be worn in a variety of different ways. But some organizations establish specific rules about when, where and how to wear them.


But because most lapel pins are customized to signify something important for that person, brand or organization, they are often worn on the left side near the heart. 


Get Your Customized PVC lapel pins here!

These unique Custom PVC Lapel Pins are perfect for yourself or as gifts for clients, customers, and employees. They're also perfect for promoting your brand. If you want to take advantage of your very own PVC pins, simply send us a message or send us your design. We can provide you with high-quality custom lapel pins that will fit your budget and needs.