3 No-Fail Promotional Products

For years, promotional products have been in use to promote and market products and services of different companies and brands. Today, the products you can customise to represent your brand is just countless. It might be quite confusing to pick out which promotional product works best for your company especially when you’re still stepping in the marketing strategy. Here is a list of no-fail items you can use to promote your brand:


Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins have been a popular promotional product and have been a go-to by many brands both big and small. They are easily to make, fast to create, and are easy to give away to clients during events and special company occasions. They can also we be worn by the company staff and can help improve the overall branding of the company.


Custom Keyrings

Keyrings are practical items that people love to receive, since they obviously hold keys and other small items. Many companies also make use of custom keyrings in the shape of their brand logo to gift to customers. They are effective in building brand exposure and customer loyalty as it is likely that people will keep on using them.


Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom patches have been a trendy way to promote brands. They are versatile pieces that can be placed in different items such as caps, shirts, bags and many others. People also love receiving them as they are great collectible pieces.


If you’re struggling to find the best promotional products for your brand, you can start with these no-fail items. Check out Ties N Cuffs for other products you can customise for your company. We have a wide range of items for all your marketing needs, gift ideas, and personal accessories. Hit us up and let us know which product you’re after!