Personalised Wedding Accessories for Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Personalised wedding accessories are a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you on your wedding day. These little touches make such a difference and will be cherished forever. In this article, we have included some of our favourite ideas - perfect for all those special people in your life!

What are personalised wedding accessories?

Personalised wedding accessories are a way of personalising your day by making it extra special for the people who you care about. From cufflinks with each groomsman's initials to personalised matching sets, such as rings and jewellery, these little touches make all the difference in showing how much love there is between everyone involved on this big day.

Why get personalised wedding accessories?

If you're still on the edge of whether you should get personalised wedding accessories, then here are some of the reasons why.


They make a unique keepsake.

If you're looking for something unique and memorable to mark this special day, then getting personalised wedding accessories is the way to do it. Since they're customized, there won't be anything like them in the world. And that makes them all the more special and sentimental for everyone involved.


They're a way of showing how much you care.

As we said, personalised wedding accessories make a perfect way to show how much you care about all of your loved ones.


It's the little touches that matter.


Weddings are full of small details and moments that count - it doesn't need to be anything huge. In fact, oftentimes these smaller things can have more meaning to people involved.


Personalised wedding accessories are affordable.

Because they're affordable, you can spend more money on the other things that matter for your big day, for example, your honeymoon or the reception.


Personalised Wedding Accessories for your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are an important part of a special day, and just like everything else on the big day they should also have something personal to remember it by. That's why we've found some amazing ideas that will go down well with all your girls.


Personalised shoes

You can personalise your bridesmaids' shoes with their names, the date of your wedding or even a message on the sole of the shoe. Let the shoes match the theme of the wedding or the colour of their gowns.


Personalised headbands

You can personalise your bridesmaid's headbands by adding a personalised floral design, their name or the date of your wedding. These headbands are relatively inexpensive, so they're a cost-effective way to add more elegance to your bridesmaid's overall look.


Personalised bracelets

These are perfect if you want to give them a small gift at the end of the day that also has sentimental value for years to come. They can be personalised with cute designs that match the theme of your weddings. You can also have their names or initials as part of the designs.


Personalised nail polish

They will love receiving these small tokens of appreciation from you on their wedding day. You can choose a colour that matches their gown, and designs that match the theme of your wedding. These nail polish would surely complete their overall look and feel during the wedding.


Personalised Hair Clip

When you're not into headbands, you can always use a hair clip instead.  You can personalise the hair clips with any design you want. They are perfect and easy to carry gifts for your bridesmaids on your wedding day. They won't have to lug around an awkward bag of goodies that will only make it harder for them. These cute and pretty clips will surely be appreciated.


Personalised Wedding Accessories for Your Groomsmen

Groomsmen are also amazing to have on your wedding day. They're always there with you, as a friend and confidant. You can get them something personalised that they will surely love too! Here are some amazing ideas that your groomsmen will surely appreciate.


Personalised cufflinks

Cufflinks are a perfect accessory for your groomsmen. They're not only classy and stylish, but you can also personalise them to suit the style of any groom! You don't need to take up too much time with this gift - just find out what their favourite colours or patterns are, and create some amazing cufflink designs.


Personalised tie bars

Tie bars are also a perfect personalised accessory for your groomsmen. You can get them in any shape, size or colour you want! They're an easy and useful gift to give too because they'll be able to use it on their tie at all of the weddings they attend.


Bow ties

A gift you may think is out of the ordinary, but bow ties are a perfect personalised accessory for your groomsmen. They're easy to put on and they come in all sorts of different styles!


Customized Neck Tie

If you or your groomsmen are not into bow ties, a custom necktie might do the trick! You can get them in any colour and design you want! Let the pattern or colour match the groomsmen's suits.


Personalised Pocket Square

If the groomsmen are more of a formal man, then personalise pocket square is also an excellent gift to give. They're small enough to fit into almost anyone's suit jacket or blazer pocket.


Personalised Watches

Watches are a great way to personalise your groomsmen's gifts. You can get a watch in any colour or style to match the groom and each of his wedding party members' preferences! You can also add their name, initials or a personal message engraved on the back of their watch and make it even more special. If you'd like watches that are eco-friendly, you might like to consider wooden watches as well! They're elegant watches perfect for sophisticated men.


Have you found your personalised wedding accessories?

If yes, start by grabbing your personalised cufflinks, tiebars and bow ties from our store today.