Where to Shop for Father's Day Gifts While in Lockdown

Father’s Day is basically just sitting right now in the corner waiting for the champagne corks to pop. It’s that time of the year where we get the free pass to get all cheesy on our dads even if he may cringe at the thought of it (but believe me, he likes those praises!). It is the celebration of fatherhood, paternal relationships, and the contributions of male parents to their families and society at large. The purpose of Father's Day is to recollect, recognize, and commemorate the unending efforts, initiatives, and contributions of all the fathers and father figures in our lives. It’s not everyday that our dads get appreciated this much. And you wouldn’t want the day to go by without something to warm the feels, would you?  Therefore, grab on your cart and we’ll have some father’s day gift shopping to do!


Despite the fact that your father has stated that he does not want anything for Father's Day this year, you are well aware that turning up at his door without a gift is not a realistic option. And for starters, searching for a perfect father’s day gift could be quite daunting especially when it seems like he has everything he could ever need, and obviously, let’s admit it — gift-giving to guys in general is a whole lot of puzzle (even a mind-trick at times). While choosing a father's day gift for your father can be difficult, there are a few things you might want to consider. You want to purchase him something that is meaningful, humorous, or perhaps a commonplace between those two. Whether your father is a wine connoisseur, an avid rugby league fan, or whether he is an outdoor hobbyist or one whose more into literature and arts — either way, you can never go wrong with custom-made pieces that could be tailored to their own type of personality and style.


And here in Ties n Cuffs, we have your father’s day gift covered just right! Worry not about lockdown restrictions or having to catch the store’s closing hours. All you have to do is sit tight in your couches and scroll through our feed of selections.


That's precisely why we've put together a list of the greatest Father's Day presents for every type of father figure in your life, including your stepfather, father-in-law, grandfather, and even to your single moms out there who does the job. The majority of these suggestions are appropriate for any of the guys in your life, whether they are new fathers or the best father your children could ever ask for in a spouse.


Intrigued? Read on and discover what awaits your father’s day gift hunting!


Personalised Cufflinks

If your dad is the type to showcase his personal sense of fashion or show off an outstanding collection of couture without slashing prices, there are a couple of options to choose from. True style for a man is defined by the attention to detail and the little pieces that sets off the entire look. A pair of freshly polished shoes, a well-tailored tie, and a perfectly coordinated pocket square are all incomplete without a pair of Australian-made cufflinks. They are a symbol of sophistication and grandeur.


Cufflinks are a popular fixture in the wardrobe of a modern man's formal attire. Cufflinks are not only visually-pleasing, but they also serve a practical purpose. These days, they are worn to showcase one's sense of style and personal taste. In terms of price, you can choose from low-cost items and painstakingly created pieces; it all comes down to your own preference and the style you want to achieve for you dad’s Father’s Day look. A cufflink is available for any budget and design preference. And the great thing about all these? You can have it engraved and attached with your favorite photographs of you and you dad! And not only that. In fact, you have a lot of options to choose from our featured products.


Personalised Lapel Pins

It may seem unusual to have these miniature pieces as a gift, but it’s a good start in stepping up your gift-giving game. A lapel pin is a simple way to add spice and personality to your clothing without taking up much space. This top will make your ensemble stand out from the crowd, whether you pair it with a blazer or turtleneck. Custom PVC Lapel Pins, also known as PVC pins, are small, wearable pieces of wearable art that may be affixed to a lapel or hat. They are constructed of PVC and are available in a variety of colors and designs. In most cases, their diameter ranges between 0.75 to one inch in diameter. They are available in a variety of shapes, including round, square, oval, triangular, hexagonal, and petal pin patterns, among others. They are available in a variety of sizes. Additionally, depending on the PVC material that you choose, custom PVC lapel pins are available in a variety of colors. It’s a perfect minimalist gift to your dads that gives off a sense of sentimentality and fashion.


Personalised Tiebars

Are you looking for something a little more formal? Our personalised tie bar selection may be exactly what you're looking for. Customise a streamlined, stylish, and glossy tie bar with your father's name to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to a simple formal suit and tie ensemble. Similar to cufflinks, these pieces are a common staple and a good addition to every man’s closet — especially those dads who work in corporate offices. Give you dad’s work uniforms a personal touch!


Personalised Money Clips

Designed to hold your cash and plastic cards in a stylish and discrete manner, money clips are simple accessories that are easy to use. They're frequently favoured by businessmen and women who don't want to compromise on their appearance. But then, their advantages extend far beyond that. Whether it's a gift for a professional wearing a sharp suit or your lady attending a formal occasion with a little purse, a large wallet can make an otherwise elegant outfit look sloppy. The greatest money clips are designed to complement the sleek and trim styles that are popular in men's and women's fashion. There's no way to get away with stuffing a bundle of cash into the breast pocket of your suit, jeans, or fancy tuxedo without anyone seeing. So, whether it’s for a father or father figure, this gift has nailed it down to the bedrock!


Personalised Keyrings

A personalised keyring or a customised keyring can also be used as a trendy piece of jewelry or as a fashion statement. You may quickly attach one to your backpack, wallet, lanyard, or handbag and instantly transform their appearance into something fashionable. Because keyrings may be customized to resemble and portray whatever you want, whether it's your dad’s favorite rugby league player, a favorite photograph from pre-quarantine or that cute snapshot of you and your dad from when you were five — either way, these can make even the most mundane things appear more exciting.


Hassle-free and creative, isn’t it? But wait, it gets better from here.


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