Why do People Think Custom Tie Clips are a Good Idea?

When it comes to fashion, we all want to stand out and be noticed. Everywhere we go, we want to make a good first impression. First impressions do last, and this is where custom tie clip come very handy. It does not only add to your personal style, but it makes it classier. But why customize? Because it gives it more edge to a look and it will definitely showcase your brand, promoting without even exerting that much effort especially your corporate ties.


Men mentality regarding style is less is more. Making a good first impression will undoubtedly benefit you, especially during formal events and or job interviews. Making that first impression will undoubtedly benefit you, particularly during formal events or job interviews. First impressions must last thus making custom tie clip the best way into it.



Custom Tie Clips, also known as a custom Tie Bars or Tie Clasp, is a fashion accessory that is used to secure a tie to the front of a shirt. Its primary function is to keep the tie from swinging around. This has obvious benefits for people who work in more manual jobs, particularly with machinery, where a swinging tie can be a hazard.


Aside from the health and safety benefits that custom tie clips provide, there are also more decorative advantages that custom tie clips provides. A custom tie clip, first and foremost, aids in keeping a tie neat and straight. As a result, a custom tie clip is frequently used to lend that extra finishing touch to a very trendy suit. The last thing you want is to put in all that effort only to have a blast of wind muss up your tie and cause it to become misaligned. One of the reasons you'll see celebrities wearing one is because of this.


This is, however, a practical reason for wearing a custom tie clip, yet custom tie clips provide much more than just practicality. If you look at people wearing one, in addition to being functional, the custom tie clips they are wearing nearly provide another depth to their entire outfit. A well-worn custom tie clip adds character, charm, and flair to an outfit and, in the end, completes the look. Now we say well worn because when wearing a custom tie clip, there are a few things to keep in mind. It's critical to secure a it to both the tie and the shirt underneath it; the last thing you want is a swinging tie with a tie clip attached, as this negates the purpose of using a tie clip in the first place! The second step is to make sure that it is in a horizontal position. Wearing a tilted or goofy tie clip would destroy all of the stylistic juices you've worked so hard to attain by dressing smartly. So, before leaving the house in the morning, check in the mirror, and check the tie clip periodically during the day, readjusting if necessary.


There are many various varieties of tie clips available, but when it comes to choosing the right one for you, we recommend focusing on two factors: color and design. We would never recommend wearing or purchasing a custom tie clip that is the same color as the shirt you are wearing since it will not stand out as much as you need it to. Wearing a custom tie clip is something you should be proud of, but if it's the same color as your shirt, it's likely that no one will notice! When choosing the correct custom tie clip to wear, the design is also important. When it comes to the design, we always advise against pairing striped tie clips with striped shirts because it could result in a disastrous clash! So, our recommendation is to wear a patterned design custom tie clip with a plain shirt, and vice versa. Wearing a plain design custom tie clip with a patterned design shirt, such as stripes, is also acceptable.


Finally, having more than one custom tie clip in your collection is the greatest method to ensure you're wearing the right style tie clip for any given event; we recommend having at least three distinct varieties of tie clips, but ideally five. You can be confident that if you have a variety of different designs of tie clips in your collection, you will always be able to attain the correct look.




  • Tie clips for men allow men who cannot tie a necktie to wear a tie and look great.
  • Tie clips can be easily removed, making them safe for a variety of fields where strangulation is a real risk.
  • Clip on ties for men are available in a variety of colors and patterns, making it simple to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe.
  • The knot is always perfect.
  • Your necktie will always stay the same length, giving you a polished and elegant appearance.
  • Tie clips for men are extra comfortable, and don’t give men a suffocating feeling like a traditional tie might.
  • Men who have succumbed to health problems and can no longer tie a tie can benefit from a custom tie clip.



  • Because a tie clip is pre-tied, there is no way to experiment without tie knots.
  • Many people find tie clips for men a little gimmicky, and don’t fully see the benefits.
  • Many men don’t like the overly put together and uniform look of tie clips.



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