Clip-On Ties

If you ask us, the facts say it all when it comes to clip-ons:

clip-on tie [klip-on tahy]: noun. - a bow tie or neck tie which is permanently tied in a perfect knot, complete with a dimple just below, and which is attached instantly to the front of the wearer's shirt collar by metal clip, hook and eye, or elastic

Common Reasons for Using Clip-On Ties:

    1. tightly tied standard neckties may be a source of irritation and discomfort
    2. do not know how to tie the perfect knot every time
    3. occupational hazard: police officers & security guards often wear clip-ons as a precaution against being strangled by the tie (a tie clip may be used by persons in uniform to keep the tie from "flying" in the wind) 
    4. some schools require clip-on ties so students can't loosen them during hot weather, or use them to "tie-whip" other students
    5. speed. simply strap it on and go