Collar Bars

A collar bar is a type of men’s accessory that holds the shirt collars together and keeps the tie elevated by running through a pin in the knot of the tie. It has a metal bar that has two ends in different designs that screw on and off.

Collar bars, or collar pins, are not just mere accessories. They have a practical function of elevating your tie from your chest and keeping your chest and neck area polished, well formed, and basically to keep everything in place. The collar bar’s popularity started in the 20th century when well-known Hollywood stars and artists were seen sporting the collar bar craze. Today, it is only worn by men occasionally and not as an everyday accessory. Collar bars now hold a vintage vibe yet when worn, still gives a dominant and assertive tone to one’s look. 

Putting on a collar bar is relatively simple. You’ll need a shirt that has two small buttonholes on both collars. Unscrew one metal cap of the collar bar and insert the bar through the one of the buttonhole, through the tie knot, then finally through the other buttonhole of the other collar. Reattach the other metal cap by screwing it back on to lock the collar bar in place. That’s it.

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