Style - Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are attractive, are easy to wear, and are very customizable. Despite their small sizes, pins can easily be recognized by people, and are very durable. It is safe to say that these accessories will last for a very long time; that is why many opt to have personalised lapel pins.

If you want unique personalised gifts, pins are perfect to give away to your special someone, or family member during for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation gifts, or any event you want to commemorate. This instantly makes for a unique and special gift to signify that special occasion.

Special occasions such as weddings call for special accessories as well. Complete your groomsmen’s suits with a personalised custom lapel pin, or simply order a pair to make you look extra dapper for your bestfriend’s wedding.

Lapel pins have also become a common promotional tool for many brands and business. What used to be a popular item in the fashion industry has now become part in the corporate world. Many start to recognize them as something worth investing for. With lapel pins, businesses and companies can constantly showcase their brand, promote their business, and capture people’s attention. They are not only effective, but relatively cheap as well. Many brands opt for this marketing strategy as this method is friendly to the company budget. Moreover, when employees constantly wear company pins, customers and clients can easily spot and recognize the brand. This effectively builds the brand’s image to the public. All you need to do is to send us a photo of your brand logo and we can easily have it printed into the lapel pins.

Many charities and organizations also get lapel pins to signify their support for a certain cause. These pins can be worn to proudly show membership to a team or group, or can be distributed to the attendees, volunteers, and supporters of a certain event. Either way, they are effective in drawing people’s attention and showing unity, pride and commitment.

See the range of lapel pins we offer here in Ties N’ Cuffs. For custom lapel pins, check out this page to order.