Patterned Ties

Men's Mix & Match Fashion Tip #3 - Using Patterns

You might be a pro at matching your solid-colored ties with your solid-colored shirts, but with trends in recent years emphasizing a mix-and-match approach to fashion, how well do you fare at mixing stripes and patterns? And let’s not even get started on dealing with textures. 

You’ll be surprised at the fantastic and elegant combinations you can come up with, even when the tie and shirt have completely different patterns, simply by following this rule. If your shirt has a small pattern, you’ll need to wear a tie with a larger one and vice versa. You don’t even have to worry much about keeping to the same color family if the shirt is in a neutral color like black, gray or white, although matching these pieces when the shirt is colored does make it easier to get it right if you don’t have a particular eye for color. For shirts with subtle patterns, the key is to get the tie to complement, rather than overwhelm the delicate pattern of the shirt. For shirts with a lot of "personality", the tie must allow this feature to shine through.

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