Wedding Pocket Squares

The terms “handkerchief” and “pocket square” are often used interchangeably. It’s a common mistake as these two accessories are very similar in function as well as appearance. Some also say that they are interchangeable to a certain degree. It is agreeable that they are, but in the end, there is most definitely a difference that can be pointed out between these two. Here are the different types of pocket squares explained:

"The Wedding Pocket Square" Men of undisputed taste and elegance have always maintained that a tailored suit is naked without the pocket square (or posh handkerchief, to you and I). Indeed, during the 1900s, no true gentlemen would be caught dead without one. Today, he who understands the power of the square will always look a cut above the rest, and this is especially true on your wedding day.

Square Lingo – When used on nose = hanky, when used as suit accessory = pocket square. This formula applies whether plain, patterned or monogrammed, made from wedding silk, everyday cotton, satin or plain linen.

Get it Squared Away – The idea is for the square to provide a flash of colour just above the breast pocket. The problem is getting the darn thing to stay put.

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