SirRocco Cufflinks

Australian Designed Fashion Cufflinks

New and exclusive to Ties 'n Cuffs, we are pleased to present our latest range of men's cufflinks; SirRocco Fashion Cuffs. Designed in Australia, these cufflinks will take you from work to play seamlessly! These new SirRocco cufflinks are fresh and funky at a very affordable price. Clean lines and a modern twist on the classic cuff, let SirRocco bring out your inner rockstar. The perfect accessory, and the ultimate finishing touch to every man's wardrobe.

Cufflinks Trivia: Do you know how much the world's most expensive pair of cuff-links sold for? Guess who bought it... Jacob & Co. have created the world’s most expensive cufflinks to date. The single pieces are crafted out of 18k white gold, including large canary diamonds (20.03 carat) and smaller white diamonds (10.76 carat). The owner's identity is a close-guarded secret in respect to their privacy, but it is rumored that actor Brad Pitt and starlet Angelina Jolie had them made especially for their wedding day. The pricetag? Over AU$4.05 million!  That's more than $2M per cuff!

If you’re looking for slightly more affordable cufflink designs, please check out our SirRocco Cufflinks Collection.