Completed Footy Scarves

Examples of completed scarves

Below are some examples of custom made knitted scarves we have completed.

·        Knitted acrylic woven scarf. A completely knitted scarf is the most traditional production method.  This design is available in both can be single or double sided design options.

·        Knitted acrylic scarf featuring embroidered logo’s. This design option is a combination of knitting and embroider. It is used particularly to showcase your logo but still encompass a traditional knitted style.

·        Knitted acrylic  scarf with embroidered patch. The embroidered patch option is ideal in enhancing an intricate logo that cannot be woven or embroidered. A production method that allows any logo to be included in your custom design.

·        Woven acrylic scarf . A complete woven scarf production method, available in both single and double sided design options.