Corporate Lapel Pins Style


Material: Copper
The pins are made from hand-pouring powdered glass into the recesses of a die-struck (stamped) brass base. The brass can be plated in gold, silver, or nickel. After being baked at a very high temperature, the glass enamel is sanded and polished to be flush with the metal lines that separate the colours. This gives the pins a smooth and lustrous quality.

Material: copper, zinc alloy
Epola pins are made using the same technique as the Cloissone, but the recessed spaces are filled with a hard epoxy enamel rather than glass. The Epola filling gives a beautiful, high quality look similar to that of the Cloissone, with PMS colour options. Gold, silver or nickel plated.
Die-Struck Soft Enamel

Material: copper and iron
For same look and PMS colour options as Epola pin, try the Die-Struck Soft Enamel. With this style a softer enamel is painted into the recesses of the brass die-struck base, leaving a relief effect that lets you feel the die-struck pattern. Gold, silver or nickel plated. Add a clear epoxy dome for long-lasting durability and a shiny, finished look.
Steel Enamel

Material: Iron
This pin has the same look of Die-Struck Soft Enamel, but by using die-struck steel for the base, we can create a pin that is less expensive and lighter.

Material: Brass
Your design is chemically etched into bronze, creating recesses which are then filled with soft enamel. The etching process allows for high definition of lettering and design, with colours separated by metal lines. Gold, silver, or nickel plated. Clear epoxy finishes available.

Material: brass, aluminum and stainless iron
The screen-printed pin is an excellent choice for colour pins with small details. Your artwork is perfectly reproduced onto a shaped metal base without the need for metal lines separating the PMS colours. Add a clear epoxy dome for durability and a shiny, finished look.
Offset Printing

Material: brass, aluminum and stainless iron
Offset printing is best used for designs with detailed colour gradations. We create the effect using a similar process to that of the Photo Dome pins, but with the design printed directly onto the metal base. The print is then covered with an epoxy dome for long-lasting protection. Offset printing is typically used for large quantity orders due to the complexity of the process.
Pewter/ Zinc Alloy

For a more three-dimensional look we recommend using pewter or zinc alloy molded pins. Melted pewter or zinc alloy is poured into a mold created from your design. After it cools, the pin is polished smooth and plated. This method allows for very small detail and cut-out lettering. Gold, silver, or nickel plated.
Coins and Medallions

Material: copper, iron, aluminum, pewter and zinc alloy
Coins and Medallions are made with either a thick die-struck brass, or zinc alloy injection molding. A variety of enameling, metal plating, and sandblasting finishes can be used to give the coin or medallion its own unique and high quality look.