Custom Footy Scarf FAQ

What material do you offer for your custom footy scarves?

Our custom footy scarves are knitted from acrylic

Do you offer embroidery on the scarf?
We can offer an embroidered patch that is sewn onto the scarf. This is used from more intricate logos or if you are wanting to brand the scarf with a number of logos. This is priced accordingly.  

Can I put a patch on the scarf?
We offer heat transferred patch

Are we charged by colour and do we have a colour limit?
You are not charged by colour, it is an overall price. Although there are no limits on colours, we would generally suggest you do not use more that 3-4 colours.

Do you have minimums on the order?                   
For a complete custom knitted scarf with your design there is a minimum of 50 units.

What is the size of the scarf
Standard scarf size is 155m by 20cm. We offer customised sizing, this is priced accordingly.  

Do you provide artwork before payment is finalised?
We can begin the artwork process before payment, rest assured we do not go into production without confirmation and approval on the design. A high res logo or EPS is needed for the design process.

Can you provide us with a sample before we produce the order?
We are more than happy to arrange for the option of either; a swatch of the scarf in production, or we can offer a completed sample before full production. There is a sample fee of $100; however, it is only incurred if after viewing the sample you do not wish to proceed with the rest of your order.

Complimentary sample packs of our products which we have previously produced for other clients are available upon request.

What is the time frame on a custom scarf?
Lead time is generally 4 .5 weeks on a knitted scarf

Can we customise our own scarf with a label?
Customised scarf labels are available as an added extra (pricing depending on quantity of the order). If you want this option we also offer artwork prior to production.

Can you replicate an existing scarf that we have?
We can replicate existing scarf and design exactly, what we will need from you is the scarf itself. You can send this to our postal address: PO Box 604, Regents Park, NSW, 2199

What do the scarves come packaged in?
Scarves are packaged individually in plastic bags.