Custom Medallions

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  • Custom Medallion
  • Custom Medallion - CRL
  • Custom Medallion - 50
  • Custom Medallion - Horse
  • Custom Medallion - Owl
  • Custom Medallion - Poker
  • Custom Medallion - Nixon Street Primary School
  • Custom Medallion - QUHC Award
  • Custom Medallion - QUHC Recognition
  • Custom Medallion - Tick
  • Custom Medallion - AAMI
  • Custom Medallion - Shell
  • Custom Medallion - 150
  • Custom Medallion - First Day at School
  • Custom Medallion - Australia
  • Custom Medallion - Sea Eagles
  • Custom Medallion - Dingo
  • Custom Medallion with Red Box

Create lasting reminders of your accomplishments with custom-designed medallions.

All medallions are crafted from solid brass and coated in rhodium for durability.

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Custom Medallion Clients

Create lasting reminders of your accomplishments and other special events happening in your life with custom-designed medallions.

We all have special moments in our lives that are personally fulfilling and ones that are a proof of our accomplishments. At Ties ‘n’ Cuffs, we believe in commemorating these moments with small mementos that will remind you of this wonderful time in your life.

We want to help you honor this special day with a lasting souvenir that is timeless and customised to recall this moment in time. With this said, here at Ties ‘n’ Cuffs, you can choose to etch a coin with your wedding date, you can request a colorful custom medallion celebrating your military graduation, or you can commission us to create a double-sided medallion for you to use for coin tosses before a big game.

All coins are crafted from solid brass and coated in rhodium for durability. But then you can decide whether you want your medallion or coin to be silver or gold plated, and you are also the one to decide which colours are best suited for this memento. Once the metals and colours are chosen, you can then choose to incorporate the symbol of your university or army regiment, your initials or any other emblem that speaks to the special occasion.

Our team design all the custom coins and medallions with your specifications in mind to create quality pieces that will last for years to come as a commemoration of your special day.

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