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Minimum 30+ Free Artwork 2-3 Weeks Production No Setup Costs

Capture attention with a custom name badge. Choose from magnetized badges or those that attach to clothing with a safety pin. The badges feature your design, logo, and any color scheme you desire. Covered in a clear glaze, your message withstands accidental spills, fingerprints, and even the weather. If you need a custom name badge in a hurry, take a look at the express service that has your badge ready for shipping in one business day.

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Custom Name Badges Clients

Bring uniformity to your business environment through your employees’ attire by creating custom name badges for everyone to wear.

When you're running a service-centered company and your employees are meeting new clients every day, having a uniform element that distinguishes your staff from the customers is a great way of creating a professional environment, not to mention the fact that you will be making the lives of your clients much easier.

At Ties ‘n’ Cuffs, we believe that the tiniest accessories serve to bring across the image of a company, and our design team work hard to create unique pieces for each company they work with. Our quality badge products can either come in magnetized form or they can be attached with a safety pin. You can choose to feature the logo of your company or the color scheme that represents it. You can put the name of each employee on the badge or any other feature that you believe would represent your company well.

Custom name badges are made to capture the attention of those who will help your business thrive. Our pieces can go from looking corporate to fun, and we can cover them with a clear glaze to protect the custom badge from accidental spills, fingerprints and even the harsh weather.

Our design team is here to create the right badge for you. And if you need a custom name badge in a hurry, take a look at our express service that will have your badge order ready for shipping in one business day.

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