Donna Karan has become a household name over the past couple of decades and has also become a most noteable designer. Across all ages and races, from actors to rappers to teenagers, both men and women aspire to wear the latest fashions designed by Donna Karan. 

Donna Karan was destined to work in the fashion industry. It was in her blood. She was born in Forest Hills, New York, on October 4, 1948 to a fashion model and haberdasher. 

While attending Parson's School of Design, Donna Karan worked for the infamous Liz Claiborne during the summer after her second year. The fact that she already had her foot in the door prompted her to leave school. It would be years later that she would return to Parson's to receive her Bachelor's in Fine Arts in 1987. 

For ten years, from 1974 to 1984, Karan worked with Ann Klein. When Ann Klein became ill, Karan became head designer and was shortly joined by her close friend and classmate, Louis Dell' Olio, as her co-designer. 

In 1984 Donna Karan decided to work for herself by starting a collection of her own. She was given her own firm by Takihyo Corporation of Japan, which was also the parent company of Ann Klein. 

Having lost the legal right to use her name as a designer brand, not many know that DKNY does not actually stand for Donna Karan New York. It is actually just the name of Karan's New York City fashion store as well as one of her fashion lines 

In her first collection Donna Karan produced a widely renowned piece, the bodysuit. The bodysuit proved to be very versatile having the ability to be worn with both long and short skirts, denim, under a suit or blouses, proving to be a hit in both professional and casual settings. Donna Karan prided her designs on comfort and wearability using only the best fabrics. The comfort of DKNY gear made it easy for Karan to also design a sport and foot ware line 

The DKNY collection has grown to include a line for men carrying sweaters, blazers, T-shirts and denim. 

DKNY lingerie incorporates sexiness and comfort. From camis to bikinis Karan uses stretch fabric- nylon, cotton and spandex- so that a woman not only feels pretty in DKNY lingerie, she is also comfortable. 

DKNY watches are top notch when it comes to designer watches. All designs have high quality standards such as having a polished stainless steel case with mineral crystal as well as being water resistant. 

Donna Karan's Accolades include the Coty Award in both 1977 and 1981 recognizing fashion excellence. In 1984, not only did she have her first child, but Donna Karan was also inducted into the Coty Hall of fame. 

The reason why Donna Karan has been such a big success is that she is truly devoted to her work and more importantly, the comfort of her customers standing by her credo of only designing clothes in which she herself would wear.